Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weddings, Wiggles & Weekends...

When I was a small girl, I always dreamed of a big, white, fairytale wedding. I wanted to live in a castle, complete with secret passageways, a moat and a dungeon. It's funny how things change. Don't get me wrong, one day I still want to get married and have my own home, but I'm happy to compromise: Now I would love a small ceremony on the beach in a tropical island somewhere, with bare feet and a few close friends and family (we're planning on Winter 2013). I still have my heart set on a castle, but it's going to be a castle of a different sort. It may not have towering battlements; it may not have a crocodile-infested moat; it may not even have a dungeon... But I am convinced that it will have secret passageways. 

I guess what I'm trying to say, that while there are always things that you want in life (and simply don't need), certain things cannot bow down to compromise. I am however, realistic. I understand that my "dream home" might be a few years down the track, but I know that one day I will be able to afford it. In the meantime I will settle for a house we can turn into a home. A house we can 'do up' and make a profit on (say 5-10years time) and then create our castle. 

A lot of things change, even in a few years. If you'd asked me about the Wiggles 4years ago (for example) I would have told you that they "are a ridiculous, money-hungry opportunistic group of pervy old men"... Aske me now & I think they're choice! I take my 'concerts' where I can these days, and after seeing them perform on Thursday, I think they are amazing. The way they interacted with the children was wonderful. Seeing the smiles on hundreds of screaming children, was unreal. The parents on the other hand, just looked frazzled. I don't think I've heard so much shouting (from adults) in my life! Seriously, I know that an event like that can't be easy on the nerves... but whatever happened to letting go and enjoying yourself too? I was there singing at the top of my lungs along with my Mother-in-Law (and cousin-in-law) and we had a blast. Having said that, I did have my son on a leash (to 'control' him) and appreciate how hard it could be to have an older child where that is no-longer really appropriate! My boy is 16-months old, and even then I got a few sideways glances. I should explain that it is cunningly disguised as a backpack, and it's not some kind of doggy choke-chain! I probably didn't help matters by playing up to the nose-wrinklers and head-turners by telling my son to "heel"...but I couldn't resist! 

I felt like shaking the lot of them, telling them to embrace your inner child... "who knows, you might actually have fun!" (But I think if I did that, I might have gotten more than just a funny look). Maybe I'm just as bad as them. Sure it appeared they were judging me (for the leash), but haven't I just spent the last paragraph and a half judging them? Oh well, I suppose it's good that I can accept I'm a judgemental person - surely that counts for something?

Anyway, it's Easter Weekend... a time of chocolate and bunnies (thankyou Jesus!) and for someone who's battling with hypoglycemia it's not my greatest weekend! (Or perhaps I should rephrase that to: 'not my partner's greatest weekend' as he is the one who has to deal with me!)... I'm off to hide the chocolate...from myself!

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Renee @ Butterfly Kisses & Fairy Wishes - The Memoirs of a Mother said...

Aren't they amazing live! We've also done the 'Dorothy' show - if only the tickets weren't quite so pricey - would be a nice family outing but at about $120 to take 2 adults and 2 kids it seems a bit extravagant now!

PS - Go eat some easter eggs ;-)

skymum said...

We came back from the Family Brunch with such a huge stash of eggs... They are calling my name, but I am resisting (in the interest of family harmony)....just!

Vbanger said...

I have one of those leashes too. Kyra was quite the hyper-active child before understanding any boundaries. I used to get those looks too! They would'nt sell them PEOPLE, if they were not safe!Chillax!!!lol!