Friday, April 15, 2011

I have a dream! (I also have a kick-ass plan, which is so much better than just dreaming...)

Okay, so I'm back aboard the Weight Watchers train again. As my son would say "choo-choo"... I'm not paying for meetings as I have all the books etc, so am giving myself a 2-week-trial to see if I have sufficient motivation to keep from derailing. Day 5 and so far, so good.

This has been a relatively productive week, so far. I am involved in a fledgling Roller Derby League (we have been skating together for about 6months now) so to give myself something to do, I have decided to become a kick-ass manager (of sorts). Being an all-female team, it is hard to manage anything without stepping on ego's or toes, so it has been a little touch-and-go... Currently we have been skating on an outdoor basketball court, complete with broken glass and loose stones - NOT ideal. Within the space of a week I have managed to get us a radio sponsor (rather handy as that is a career I am very interested in pursuing) and (fingers crossed) a decent training area. The reason I am pulling finger and doing something? Not selfless devotion to my team (sorry ladies) but I have had an epiphany, of sorts. My current sloth-like lethargy is getting me nowhere. I just end up being depressed that my dreams of greatness are still just that. Dreams. I am a stay-at-home mum, and I do worry that once my son (and potential future child/ren) are in school I will be unemployable. Everything I am currently doing and working towards is all "skills" I am developing, and great to pop on the ever-expanding C.V. See, I figure that if I can continue to keep my brain from marinating itself in a soup of Wiggles, Special Agent OSO and Bubble Guppies (to name but a few), and prove to potential-future-employers that I have kept "upskilling" (despite being at home) then I will not necessarily be on the proverbial back foot at all! It is however, an uphill battle. My brain is mush, and even stringing a sentence together (as you have, by now, no doubt grasped) is a bloody nightmare. I will prevail!

Anyway, I am off to a radio interview this morning (with my son, so it should be interesting to say the least!) so really need to swot up on 'Derby' (in the event I have a total on-air drawing-blanks meltdown). Preparation is the key. If I can bluff my way through life, using past acting experience, pretending like I know what is going on... then heck, why not! I'll give it a damned good go, anyway!

A bit of a scrambled post today, but what more can you expect from a self-confessed "butterfly" (I tried to find an apt description, to explain what I mean by "butterfly" - but Urban Dictionary was probably not the best you will have to settle for my own explanation instead) - Basically I am a scatterbrain, easily distracted and constantly flitting from one thing to another. That basically sums me up in a nutshell! To give you a brief example: This is the THIRD blog I have started up within a month. I got bored with the direction the other one was headed, so instead of changing the direction I have started another one (effectively abandoning the others completely). Life would be so much simpler if it had a "CRTL"+"Z" function!

Wish me luck...

Over and Out.

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