I am a stay-at-home solo-mum with a very opinionated 18 month-old wee boy. I love him with everything I have got, but some days he still makes me want to scream.

I have worked in both the television and skydiving industries, both of which I have put on the back-burner until my son is older... although in reality I didn't particularly like either, so it's nice to have him as an excuse!

I sometimes struggle within my new "role" and am on the hunt for new things to inspire and fulfil me (mainly to keep my brain active and stop me going insane).

I prefer honesty over fabrication. This blog won't be like a high-gloss magazine cover, it will more than likely resemble a matte-finish comic book. Truthful, but hopefully with a few giggles along the way (probably at my expense).

I am not a "traditional" mum. I suck at baking, I hate cleaning (with a passion) and some days I need a break so let my son watch cartoons. I also still enjoy occasionally gracing the pub scene with my presence and dancing the night away. I do however, try to enrich his life as much as possible (when it doesn't interfere with my blogging).

I am sarcastic and cynical. Sue me.

I am self-obsessed. This may be apparent by my constant "I am"s... If it isn't obvious, you clearly aren't all that observant. I am also judgemental and a bit of a snob.

I am on a quest. I don't want to just be a mum... I want to be so, so much more. I want to be happy.