Monday, July 25, 2011

"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world" - Maria Montessori

Today I'm going to take a break from philosophical ramblings, and tell my story with photos. I am hoping they speak for themselves, as they epitomise (to me) what life (and love, for that matter) are all about. I should mention that as I am based in Taupo, the following pictures are not a regular occurrence which made today all the more magical. I should also mention that the photos were snapped via iPhone, so excuse the quality! So much for letting the photos speak... Enjoy...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Humpday High 5

I thought that it was about time I started actually making an effort on this "blog-thing", after much hassling from my friend Renee over at "Memoirs of a Mother". Her blog is simply amazing, and I can't believe how much time and effort she spends on it. Now that I am facebook-free, and have moved the computer back downstairs into the warmth, I really have no excuse. From now on, each Wednesday I will be sharing my "High 5's" of the week. They will be in the form of:

  1.  "Thumbs Up For..." (obviously for my favourite things) 
  2. "Face-palms for..." (for the "what were you thinking??' award) 
  3. "Top Tips" (exciting new things/blogs I have discovered).
Since I've lost my blo-jo (Renee's delightful name for "Blog Mojo") of late, this week's "Top 5's" will more than likely span that of the past month... but I will endeavour to keep it concise! Here goes....

A bit of a blog...

My dear blog, I have done it again. I am guilty of serious neglect, and for that I am sorry. It has been a bit of a muddly sort of month for me. Just when you think you're getting back on track, life tends to throw another spanner in the works. It's all part of the parcel, and certainly keeps you on your toes! As a result of certain gossip-mongers and pot-stirrers, I have made the decision to remove myself from the drama.