Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quarter-Year Resolutions

I initially entitled this my 'Bucket List', however it's more a list of "things I want to accomplish by the end of 2011" so I feel the new title is more appropriate. The main reason for this post (especially so soon after my first) is because I am far more likely to do things if they are written down.

Here goes.

1. Sort out home environment: I'm not talking personal relationships or anything deep & meaningful here. I'm talking "stop living in a sty". I need motivation and I need it fast. I hate mess, but I also hate tidying. It's a catch 22. 

2. Sort out life: Baby steps here. I just want to find a direction that I am happy with, and go from there. No great career-moves, I just need to figure out what I want to do (besides being a kick-ass mum).

3. Sort out Body: Since having our son I have struggled. Not with unexplained weight-gain, but with greed. I need to get back on the Weight Watchers train & chug my way to slim-dom again!

Only three relatively-simple steps, or so it may seem... But I am a keen procrastinator at the best of times. I favour facebook over housework, and fast-food over cooking. I guess I'm coming off as lazy, but I just need a good kick up the backside to get me back on track! I don't want this blog to turn into a Bridget Jones pity-fest, but I do want to share my journey in the hope that someone out there can empathise with my struggles!

On another note, all of the above needs to be sorted before I even contemplate another child or buying a house with my beloved. Childbirth and house-buying were all 'scheduled' for this year, but I need to get myself sorted before venturing down those roads any time soon! 

Sometimes it is hard being sensible. I have terrible patience. When I want something, I need it yesterday. Same goes for babies, weight-loss, houses etc. It is also imperative (to me) that I accomplish the above 3 things on my own, and do it for no-one other than Yours Truly.. otherwise they will only ever be bandaids, and I'm in need of a complete emotional overhaul!

Right, time for dinner. Mini Pita Pocket Pizzas. Mine with Smoked Salmon, lite cream cheese & olives; My son's with tomato sauce, bacon & fresh tomato. One of the disadvantages of having a partner in a weather-dependant job (skydiving) is that he is very rarely home before dark. This also comes with the advantage of early finishes & many days off over winter though, so I shouldn't complain!

Wish me luck...

Over & Out. 

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Vbanger said...

Man! I need to write me up a to-do list! Well done!:)