Sunday, May 15, 2011

Over, but not Out...

This will be my last post for a wee while, until we're all settled in the new place. Have managed to wangle moving a couple of days earlier than previously planned, so am rather excited about that to say the least! I cannot wait to get out of this house, for reasons that should be obvious (without going into explicit details or lists).
Things are unfortunately getting a wee bit petty between myself and another certain individual, which is a shame... but I am sure it will be a lot better once we are out of each others hair and have our own personal space. It will have to be! Everything's just still very fresh and raw, I guess - so with time I'm sure the civility will resume!

Apologies for the quick post, although am sure it will be refreshing after my last few epic novels! I'm about to be buried in a sea of boxes, so must away to sort out my stacking system better!

Over & Out.

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