Monday, May 23, 2011

Guess who's back, back again...

Okay, so again it has been a while since my last post.. but tardiness is now a thing of the past! I am feeling totally proud of my tech-savviness at the moment, as I have finally cottoned on to the fact that I am able to use my iPhone as a modem. I know, apparently it is common knowledge... but I am proud nonetheless! As promised, please find below a couple of photos of my sweet new 'digs'. I think it is pretty darned choice, really!

From this deck I have the sweetest view of snowy mountains. (That's right, I have TWO decks!)

Ye olde Front Door

The cat I inherited when I moved in, Willow. She loves me really...

Moving right along from my beautiful palace, although I could really sit and write about it all night! I have had a couple of blog-related breakthroughs this past week during my abstinence (get your minds out of the gutter, I'm talking blogs here!) (although it should be noted that abstinence of any kind is pretty much guaranteed at the moment too, haha). I have decided to undertake a wee social experiment, of sorts. I will endeavour to put aside my qualms and queasiness, and delve into the world of online dating. Woah, woah, woah... hold your horses, I'm  not (despite my mother's inherent fears) attempting to embark on any kind of relationship at the moment - give me some credit, it has only been a month! I am instead trying to determine if the internet is completely filled with weirdos and hacks, or if there are actually "normal" people floating around in cyberspace. In our day-to-day bustle have we, as a society, forgotten about actual "dating"? Do people not have time any more for face-to-face encounters? Are we that absorbed in technology that old-fashioned romance is actually a thing of the past? Surely a bunch of roses beats an e-card, or love-heart emoticon any day? Or am I completely out of the loop here?

Anyway, I am a complete cynic and don't believe in a million years that this is a feasible (or appropriate) way to meet a "mate", but I'm a nosey git and the thought of becoming a "spy" makes me feel rather, well, awesome really! Everyone knows (well if you don't, perhaps you should have listened more in school...gee whiz) that every good experiment needs a hypothesis

Hypothesis: That "romance" in the 21st century no longer consists of 'dating' in the conventional sense; as a society we have become too busy for courtship and now rely heavily on social networking, txt messages and dating sites instead of face-to-face meetings and "regular" conversation.

In this experiment, I myself will act as the "control group", for no real reason other than I have always wanted to feel scientifically empowered. I realise I'm going a little wikipedia crazy today, I guess I'm just happy that once again I am able to provide "helpful" links in my blogoverse (something I have yet to grasp while dealing with my iPhone - that's right, I said "iPhone" again... Jealous?).

I will leave my current findings for future posts (don't worry, I'm working on some choice screen shots for the next installment!), for now I just wanted to provide a "teaser" if you will, to hopefully get you thinking of something other than smelly nappies and vacuuming. I will, however say that I am overwhelmed by the amount of 50+ year old men who think it is socially appropriate to send flirtly messages to a 25-year-old single mum... But I guess that's what you get when you take the "freebie" route of internet dating! (It is probably a scam to make you want to 'subscribe' and increase your privacy settings...). Stay tuned!

Over & Out.

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