Saturday, January 28, 2012

Please Stand By...

Oh Em Gee... 

Looking back at my previous posts, so much has changed in my life I am not entirely sure where to begin! What a crazy, muddly, hectic and overall AMAZING year 2011 turned out to be... Phwoarr! Here is a rundown, however brief and stilted it may be, that should hopefully make a start at us getting back on track.

In late September I applied for a job. This was nothing new. I was tiring of my home-based-educator role, and was getting stir-crazy. I applied for many jobs, ranging from general admin to journalism in other towns. This turned out to be irrelevant. This job was too good to be true. Promotions co-ordinator for Mediaworks Taupo, a provincial (but none-the-less amazing) radio network. They put me through the ringer during the interview process. This resulted in me sprinting into the office, wearing sweaty gym clothes, clutching my friend's laptop and a hardcopy of the documents they required for my "trial"... all because my yahoo mail account decided to shit itself 30 minutes before my deadline. I made it there, red-faced and panting heavily, into an office where everyone is about "couture" and "high fashion", with 2minutes to spare. I went home, poured myself a gin and convinced myself "pfft... I didn't even want that job anyway, so who even cares and stuff"...

Nek minnit...

I started work on the 10th of October, and have loved every second of it!

Sure it's crazy, hectic, full-on and not the most amazing of pay-rates... but my God, I love it! I get to play around on-air ("you're listening to Taupo's 93.6 More FM/88.8 The Edge/ 94.4 The Rock"), go to watch live music all over the show, and most of all... get paid to have fun!

I do struggle with mother's guilt, however. I work a 6-day contract, which more often than not ends up being 7days. Luckily, I have the most amazing little 2-year-old superstar, who is getting accustomed to coming on promotions with me! 

I have also met a rather nice chap, who is pretty darned choice... But that's another topic entirely.

I'm afraid that's all the catching-up I have time for at the moment... I am looking into starting a new/review-style blog, but in reality - this will probably just be an empty thought with no follow-through. Hey, at least I'm realistic!

You stay classy, planet earth.

Skymum, Out.

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