Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Humpday High 5

I thought that it was about time I started actually making an effort on this "blog-thing", after much hassling from my friend Renee over at "Memoirs of a Mother". Her blog is simply amazing, and I can't believe how much time and effort she spends on it. Now that I am facebook-free, and have moved the computer back downstairs into the warmth, I really have no excuse. From now on, each Wednesday I will be sharing my "High 5's" of the week. They will be in the form of:

  1.  "Thumbs Up For..." (obviously for my favourite things) 
  2. "Face-palms for..." (for the "what were you thinking??' award) 
  3. "Top Tips" (exciting new things/blogs I have discovered).
Since I've lost my blo-jo (Renee's delightful name for "Blog Mojo") of late, this week's "Top 5's" will more than likely span that of the past month... but I will endeavour to keep it concise! Here goes....

  1. Honesty: It really is the best policy!
  2. REAL friendships: In times of adversity, you truly do discover your real friends.
  3. Laughter: If you're feeling down, try and force out a chuckle. It may be the last thing on your mind, but it really does work.
  4. Family: I have the best & most supportive family in the world, and I wouldn't trade them for anything!
  5. Wine: I have a new-found appreciation for wine after a recent winery tour with two good friends of mine. In particular I am loving the discovery of Viognier and Sémillon.
  1. Stirrers: Although I am flattered you find my life so interesting, kindly stop interfering in things that do not involve you!
  2. Budgeting: I have always been crap at money-stuff... this has been highlighted now I am a solo parent. Boo!
  3. Bills: Pretty self-explanatory...
  4. Mood Swings: I hate feeling like I am on a see-saw!
  5. Facebook Drama: Such a waste of energy - what is the point in deliberately creating it simply to hurt others?

  1. Slow-Cookers FTW: Since my family unit has been effectively cut in half, I have struggled with portion sizes. Luckily it is Winter, so I have an excuse to make massive servings in the slow-cooker and freeze the excess for later. Saves so much time (and money, as you can use the cheapest cuts of meat imaginable).
  2. Oil Heaters: Do NOT use these, wherever possible! I have managed to cut my power bill by $60 this past month by eliminating mine completely.
  3. Get outside: With the yucky winter weather, this isn't always possible (well without freezing/drowning anyway!). But snatch those moments of sunlight to explore your outdoor surroundings. It is amazing the difference fresh air makes to your psyche!
  4. Don't sweat the small stuff: A good friend of mine recently put things into perspective. "Karma is not about repercussions for other people's actions. Karma is about what comes out of your mouth is on you. What comes out of their mouth is on them". Basically don't waste time worrying about what other people are saying/doing, focus on yourself. 
  5. Positivity is priceless: Nothing great ever came from sitting around wallowing. Get out, live life and embrace it in all it's be-speckled glory! It might not always be peachy, but that's all part of the parcel! The ruts are what make us appreciate the highs.
There, now that wasn't so hard! If I have any loyal followers remaining after my long absence, I would love to hear your weekly Humpday High-5's too!

Over & Out.

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